Shane Tomlinson

Shane is a London based developer working for the Identity team at Mozilla. He believes that users should be able to control their own online identities and that a user’s personal privacy, a site owner’s needs and security can co-exist.

When not writing Javascript for Mozilla Persona (formerly BrowserID), Shane is frequently found looking at snow reports for far away ski resorts.


Andrew Spooner

Andrew Spooner is a Creative Technologist working at Microsoft in the UK. He spends his time playing with the latest hardware and software looking beyond the technical specification to see how technology can be used in surprising yet useful scenarios.

He has almost 15 years of web development experience, recent work at Microsoft revolves around applications for Windows 8 and Windows Phone and explorations into Natural User Interfaces.

His favourite technology is the human.


Robbie Manson

Robbie is a designer from Edinburgh, where he creates interfaces at the coal face of FreeAgent. He learns by doing, speaking and writing, and works better with people much smarter than him. He doesn’t believe design is about problem solving.


David Burton

David used to be an artist, but now uses pixels and ideas to leave his mark.

He’s Head of Innovation at Redweb where he leads the mission to challenge creativity, explore ideas, and forge effective solutions.

He sketches more than he types, loves duct tape, and boasts that he has a better day at work than you have on holiday.


Tom & Ashley Gullen

Tom and Ashley Gullen are passionate about HTML5 and Web Technology.

They run Sicrra Ltd, a London based startup that makes Construct 2 which lets people make their own HTML5 games.  Copious amounts of coffee keeps them ticking!


Keir Moffatt

An obsessive creator since the moment he first saw a pencil, Keir quite accidentally went on to become a freelance web designer. 10 years later, having enjoyed working with clients such as Aardman Animation, Zurich Insurance and Bristol University, Keir continues to help clients build strong online propositions and strategies. He is also a passionate evangelist for Rusic.

Aside from all things web, Keir is a semi-professional breakdancer and has been a volunteer primate keeper at Bristol Zoo. He co-owns Ornamental Insects, an online business breeding and selling praying mantis.


Syd Lawrence

Freelance developer, part time lecturer and recently called a modern superhero by geek.com. Syd loves making things. He has been known to tinker with a wide range of technologies including, html5, javascript, apis, mobile apps, and kinect hacks. Recently described by The Next Web as a “UK based web guru” *eurgh*