Our first event took place in 2007. The idea was to bring a conference to Bristol and let the creative sector within the city come alive with an annual event open to all.

The Aim

The aim of all WDC events is to bring together a mix on professionals and students and to teach everyone something new and introduce a bespoke networking opportunity and social gathering.


When WDC started Alex was a student. The problem with Conference events is none of them are suited to students. Why? Because they are overpriced and cost a small fortune outside of the actual event to get to and stay around.

The event is set up from the start with students in mind. From the time and date to the topics covered and the price of the event. It doesn’t mean it is just for them though.

We’re Different!

Unlike most events who have the same old line up, some saying the same old thing we try at each WDC to shakes things up.

Be it first time speakers who have never spoken before or by running a panel which is put together to answer questions you want answers to.

Plenty for everyone

Whilst other events give speakers hours to talk we like to keep things moving. Speakers get half an hour for the presentation and then around 10 minutes of dedicated QA. This means we can get everything done in the day and currently haven’t overrun yet!