Lightning Talks

Do you have a hobby? Something that (maybe) takes you away from the internet in the evenings or weekends.

I'm on the look out for 3 such talks for this year, they need to be around 15 minutes in length.

Interested? All you need to do is submit a talk outline to with the subject Lightning Talk WDC, easy.

Lightning talks are open to all, unlike the conference talks where the aim is to introduce new speakers to the world.

If you're interested in submitting a lightning talk please be free in October to travel to Bristol. If you're chosen to present your talk you'll be given free admission to the conference.

Conference talks

As has been the case for a number of years now we are on the look out for new speakers who have never spoken at a conference before but want to get out there and share with the community their passion.

If you want the chance to be added to the list all you have to do is email with the following:

If you can follow these 3 simple steps then we will review your submission and it will help us try and organise everything that's going on.

A couple of notes:

If your talk is aimed at pure promotion of you, or your company/product it stands 0 chance of getting any serious consideration, WDC is not a chance for you to spend 30 minutes going on about how great you/your company is, by all means mention who you are, what you do.

Try and make your talk as unique as possible.

You should be free in early October to travel to Bristol for the conference.

Speakers will be chosen based on how talks fit in with the entire event. We do our best to respond to everyone who submits a talk.

Anyone who submits a talk and doesn't get chosen to speak will be given a discount code for a ticket to the event should they wish to attend.

What to expect


We can't afford to pay speakers fees, the event doesn't make enough money to do so.

If you can't speak without being paid a fee then we totally understand and will never hold it against you for doing so.

I will never make a speaker pay for a ticket to the event, that's just stupid.


We will cover your hotel and travel expenses to and from Bristol for WDC.

The hotel

A group booking at a hotel located in the centre of Bristol which is close to the main venue and add your name to one of the rooms. This saves you the hassle of booking a hotel and also means every speaker is in the same location.

The room is booked for 2 nights. The night before and the night after the main event so you don't have to rush getting to Bristol.


I will cover your travel to and from Bristol. As all speakers are based in the UK this is mainly train travel. If you are based in Scotland/Ireland it is normally cheaper to jump on a plane, quicker too.

I do require reciepts or an invoice for travel costs, the accountant gets angry otherwise!


We can't cover meals aside from the speakers dinner the night before. The hotel is usually booked to include breakfast.

Arriving in Bristol

Alex is usually around the city centre the entire day before so he can meet you at the station or provide directions if needed.

If you're really early Alex can also be great company over a coffee or lunch (honest!).


Please consider when travelling to Bristol the following: