Schedule of events

WDC2023 returns to a single day conference on October 20 2023.

Here is our schedule and talk overviews for this year.

Pre-conference Day - October 19

  1. 19.30

    Pub Quiz

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Conference Day - October 20

  1. 8.45

    Doors Open

  2. 9.00

    WDC Logo

    Welcome to WDC2023

    Alex & Luke

  3. 9.15

    Photo of Candi Williams

    Word to the words: a content and product design love story

    Candi Willaims

    Words matter! Good, helpful, useful, readable content is at the heart of good design. So, why is it so often seen as an afterthought? This talk hones in on how we can change that, delving into linguistics and examples to highlight why real content is crucial and how product/UX design and content people can work together to create the most meaningful designs—even when your content designers are stretched thin (or are non-existent at your org!).

  4. 10.00

    Photo of Andy Thorne

    Why Are Developers Solely Responsible for Site Speed? Designers, Step Up!

    Andy Thorne ⚡

    We'll delve into the age-old debate of site speed responsibilities, addressing the question: "Why are developers shouldering the entire burden when it comes to improving site speed? Shouldn't designers be equally involved?" I'll be sharing some unusual design principles that will empower designers to improve site speed and explain why it's crucial that it's a collaborative effort between designers and developers.
  5. 10.15

    Morning break

    Tea & Coffee provided

  6. 10.45

    Photo of Henrique Gusso

    Designed by Robots

    Henrique Gusso

    AI is coming for our jobs! What now? In digital design, technology is your ally, and there’s enough work for both humans and robots. Learn how smart tooling can leverage the efficiency of automation and the creativity of people to raise the bar for quality.

  7. 11.30

    Photo of Nic Murrells

    Child's Play: Rediscovering the Joy of Childhood Creativity

    Nicole Murrells ⚡

    Feeling creatively stumped or burnt out? Same!! But what the hell do we do about it? After spending a decade working with kids, then career switching to tech, I use my unique perspective on the similarities and differences of the two worlds. We'll deep dive into where our childhood wonder went and figure out how to get it back!

  8. 11.45

    Photo of Yukai Du

    Abstract Storytelling - how illustration and animation tell stories in a unqiue way

    Yukai Du

    I will share my journey of being an illustrator and animator through my projects, how I struggle to learn animation but found my way in illustration and developed my style.

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    WDC Logo

    Welcome back

    Good lunch?
  11. 14.30

    Photo of Ruth John

    The four dimensional cell

    Ruth John

    Did you ever consider how far our perception of audio goes? Or how it's changed over time? I have, in fact I considered it a bit more over the past few of years. Let me tell you a story about it.

    Come and find out what the four dimensional cell is and how we use it to visualise our perception of the world around us. How it has changed and expanded over time with language, physics and electronics. How the cell changes depending on if you're human, bat, dolphin or submarine. And how it might change in the future.

  12. 15.15


  13. 15.30

    Photo of Pete Thomas

    Browser Music: Web Audio in 2023

    Pete Thomas ⚡

    Pete Thomas made the move to web development in 2017, following a particularly unprofitable European tour with a doom folk band. However, old habits die hard, and his discovery of the Web Audio API has led him back to music performance, this time swapping double bass for the browser. In this brief talk, Pete shows why there's never been a better time to include web audio in your creative projects, unveiling two browser applications; including a quantum inspired synth and a live coding environment for algorithmic composition. Pete is a co-Director of Lunar Web Development and a PhD candidate in Music and Computing at Plymouth University.

  14. 15.45

    Photo of Vic Bell

    The sandwich that changed the world

    Vic Bell

    A look over the last 12 years of my career and how building my own community changed everything.

  15. 16.30

    End of Conf

  16. 17.00

    After Party

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